The Last Blog of 2021 (Day 365)

All I can say is 


I finally know for sure what day it is! The last day of the year! 

And this means I did it! I wrote a blog entry everyday for 365 days straight. I never wrote any of these entries in advance. My only “cheat” is sometimes writing after midnight when the day went that long. But I figure in the end it all balances out.

Yesterday, I shared my big lesson from this year of daily writing: perspective and being able to see the way God worked in my life. 2021 was another bizarre year—there was drama and intrigues and cataract surgeries and of course, pandemic living! 

As we close the door on this year, I cannot help but notice how much hasn’t changed. I am back to refreshing the COVIDActNow website as part of my daily routine. I also still enjoy checking my body temperature at random moments throughout the day. I am still not exactly sure what my writing career will look like. And, of course, I still live with my mother. 

Which, then, of course, reminds me of the Golden Girls. My husband mentioned he thought about getting me Golden Girl prayer candles but could not decide who my favorite was. It’s Dorothy; because she lives with her mother. Anyway, I cannot mention the Golden Girls without saying how much the world will miss Betty White. What an amazing, long, beautiful, funny life she lived. 

I love this quote from her: “The older you get, the better you get. Unless you’re a banana.”

And while I am a little bananas, I am looking forward to another year, getting better at it all (especially analyzing COVID a data as a hobby).