The Cards (Day 345)

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love a good theme party! Tonight, we celebrated Nick's 9th birthday and since he is a December baby his party has morphed into a duel birthday-Christmas celebration. 

It is marvelous. The house is decked out--making me feel all Hallmark-movie. The yard is filled with lights. The fake snowballs are ready. Santa porch (and the real deal Santa) are at the ready. The fire pits are roaring. The cake is big and beautiful. 

It feels magical. 

But, the magic isn't complete until you add in all the wonderful people.  Our friends and Nick's friends and our neighbors make it truly magical. I feel so blessed to have wonderful friends in our life and lucky that each of kids have made great friends, who come with great parents. I truly wish to make real, genuine connections with everyone I meet and I love that my kids do the same. 

People, friends, people are really great. 

Tonight, after everyone left, Nicholas and I sat on the floor looking through his cards. He opened his gifts in such a flurry, I worried he did not stop to read the messages from his friends. Of course, he did read them and found me annoying and redundant, but humored me. 

The cards were so sweet. There were homemade cards with gorgeous notes "I hope you treasure this card as much as I treasure my friendship with you. . ." (swoon!) and "I like you Nick." (I mean, how lovely is it to be liked?). His first friend, Jerry, gave him a Hershey bar and a lucky penny (he's to eat the Hershey bar after he rides Candymodium the first time next weekend at Hershey Park.) There were pictures and doodles and sweet sentiments all written in third grader handwriting making their sentiments beautfiul and sweet and completely invaluable. 

I keep all these cards, from every birthday, for each of my kids. Of course, I want them to remember the amazing birthday party they had, but I also want them to remember the cards, from the people who made their special day so magical.