Teamwork. (Day 359)

I have no idea if it is Day 359. I did Google it and I did not like the answer. So, here we are, Day 359, because I say so. 

And, as always, I've lost track of days and I don't know if it is a Sunday or a Tuesday, but I do know that tomorrow is Christmas Eve and that is December 24. It might be a Monday or a Wednesday; but it does not matter, because it's almost Christmas!

I had this moment today when I was driving to Pennsylvania to pick up the Lemon Santa costume from a sidewalk somewhere, when I was thinking how amazing things happen when we all work together. Like, our Lemonade Stand--it isn't just our family that makes it happen. I secured the Lemon Santa costume from Jay, Alex's Dad. Friends everywhere shared and posted about the stand.  Our neighborhood turned up. Our good friends rolled in. Friends gave online. Anonymous people gave online. And in the end, I think we'll meet our goal of $2,000 for childhood cancer research. 

Then, I began thinking about the original Christmas story and all those characters who made Jesus' birth possible. Of course, God made it all roll into motion--but human beings do have free will. Mary had to be willing and Gabriel had to be persausive and Joseph had to be supportive. The wise men came. The sherpherds came. The inn keeper gave them room in a stable. Teamwork made the dream happen. 

Then, I was on the phone with one of my besties, Adele, and filling her in on the price of lobster tail at Costco (we are this old now that we discuss shellfish prices). It was a small conversation; but it felt good to plan and discuss these complicated domestic holiday things like assembling the 7 fishes for Christmas Eve. And then I told another friend how I could not handle dropping off pretzel money to the middle school for my middle daughter and she said, "I'll do it, I am driving by." And she did it and Chloe was happy and pretzeled. 

These are just little things--but teamwork makes it all happen. It fills me with such joy to have a fabulous team in my life--a team that shows up even when none of us know what day it is.