Preparations (Day 358)

I spent most of the day preparing for things--the cleaners, Christmas, days off from work and preparing for our evening plans. Life feels just like constant preparation. My kids are always preparing and practicing for something. I am always preparing for my day. My giant "List of the Year" is really just preparation. And in the end, it eems like I am just preparing for more preparation for additional preparation for the ultimate preparation and whatever preparation is next to prepare for. 

I mean, really, what in the world is the point of all this madness?

I am not prepared (haha) to answer that question. And I actually don't want your answer either. I know some of you see a question mark at the end of a sentence and mistakenly believe there is a question that needs to be answered. But this blog is neither an interview nor is it an inquiry, I am just musing without requiring a an solution or answer. 

And I know this might be even more irritating to those of you who like to solve all problems. I get it; I like to find the root cause of things and I am always repeating to myself in times of stress "Be solution oriented!"But, in this case, there is no solution to my preparation conondrum, except maybe preparation, although one cannot predict the things one must be prepared for. 

Like tonight, nothing could have prepared me for the sheer chaos that ensued after we came home to the kitchen door wide open. The cleaners pulled it shut and could not figure out the lock and the wind blew it open. I went inside to check on the pets and the home (everything was fine) and then several family members had full mental breaks. I don't know why. And I actually don't care why.  And despite my entire day of preparations, I was unprepared for all the BIG emotions. 

You really cannot prepare for anything; no matter how hard I try. 

Tomorrow, I'll give all of this another go--maybe feeling more prepared for all of this--and I totally doubt I'll be fully prepared, which is okay, because I am prepared for it.