Oh Well! (Day 357)

We've reached the part of Christmas week in which I am now just awake until Christmas Day ( I am channeling a very pregnant Mary, who has heart burn, must travel and is preparing for the coming of Christ.). It also the time of the year when no one feels "Christmasy" (especially my middle daughter who was screaming about her lack of Christmas spirit in a way that was scary) and when there are several catastrophic events. 

The only thing you can do in the face of all this JOLLY HELL, friends, is say "Oh Well!"

There are people who owe me money (and won't pay until January): OH WELL! There was an unfortunate and bizarre incident which ended with my credit card being "restricted," my driver's license being called "insufficient"  and now my fate rests in the hands of a mysterious review board that will contact me in 7-10 business days (JANUARY!) with a "decision" about my identity. 

I don't even know who I am anymore! Hopefully, the review board will let me know and I can get some clarity. 

While I was on the phone trying to prove that I am who I am, my son kept shouting "sounds like a scammer," while a parade of people we know marched by to witness my identity crisis and "restrictions." I am sure his accusations did nothing to help my case; and I am sure the call center absolutely ENJOYED the parade of friends and acquaintances they got to meet. 

Of course, everyone called me "Trish" when my legal name is "Patricia" and this probably made everything worse BUT, you know, "OH WELL!"

At some point this evening, I discovered that our 125 year old crystal front door knob was covered in tape. I asked the only person in the house who could have done this (NICHOLAS) what happened. And he said:

"It was an accident."

and then, 

"Well I was trying to do something."

It took me 17 minutes (not including rage breaks) for me to remove the tape. And I am waiting to discover whatever he was "trying to do" because I know my son and the things he tries are intense. 

I really do not know what to say or where to begin, except to say, "Oh well!"

Also, I realized that I have not yet sourced 3 different, yet unique, coordinating and high quality rolls of Christmas wrapping paper for the children's gifts. Do you know what is sold out everywhere? DIFFERENT, UNIQUE, COORDINATING, HIGH QUALITY rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. 

So, I am left with baby shower wrap or foil, which is the tradition in my family and perhaps my fate, so maybe, I should just embrace the JOLLY HELL of foil wrap, right?

Anyway, OH WELL!