Not ready yet (Day 352)

I've got nothing, again. 

It's been a new routine of mine to have nothing to write about each night. Past experience has taught me that this means there is actually a lot to write about, but I am not ready yet. 

 "Not ready yet," is a super great headline for this blog. So, at least I've got that. 

I am not sure what is wrong with me during these 2021 latter days. Sometimes it feels like I gave all I could give in the early days and now I am left here, without anything meaningful to share. Like I am an empty uninteresting vessel of wordlessness. 

It's always hard to watch the runner who is super tired at the end of the race.  And I fear that I am that fatigued, busted, hot mess runner, now. The one who looks like they might not even make it to the end; the one who might begin going diagonal and just stumble off the course to the sideline and never actually clock their final time. 

That one-the one who is a damn shame. 

What if that is me?

It is almost too much to bear; but at the same time, I don't necessarily have any words to write. And I honestly have no idea what to put on this page next. I've thought about it all day. There are things that maybe I would share; but those ideas are not fully developed quite yet. 

And I think that is okay, The good stuff is always worth the wait; so until tomorrow, friends.