Let's Not and Sleigh We Did (Day 363)

Today, I did nothing. 

Well, I did participate in this amazing photoshoot by Lake Erie:

And yes, that rope in my pocket is in case we had to kidnap anyone along the way on our afternoon sojourn to the lake. This is OHIO, not NEW JERSEY, and a girl has to be prepared! 

There were some other things we did. We opened and exchanged Christmas presents with Mike's parents. I listened to Nicholas interview his grandfather extensively about Vietnam and collect some good war stories that will give him significant street cred back in Jersey. I read some of my book (number 50!!! for 2021). I worked on my "It's a beaut Clark!" cross stitch. I ate a tiny cornish game hen and too many Christmas cookies and had the good wine second (when everyone knows you have the good wine first, so you can still taste it). We played Family Freud and discovered that my husband is a terrible judge of good answers and my son is very good at guessing what the survey says. Oh and I washed my hair and blow dried it in non hysterical hurried fashion, because, well, I had nothing to do and no where to be. 

And somehow, I am writing this blog on what is technically Day 364; because it is after midnight and I've been so busy doing, well, nothing. 

We said "let's not and sleigh we did," but somehow, we did so much. 

We also found the space to have a deep talk as a family. And while deep talks can be hard; I also think they are much better than the alternative (which is not talking). In nothingness, we found somethingness. We filled the unplanned spaces with unplanned time, together. 

And, friends, I know from experience there is never, ever enough time here. We will always wish for one minute longer with the people we love.  I think when I look forward to 2022, I want more days of nothing, so I can find whatever somethings the universe has for me. Finding more unfilled spaces--that will inevidently be filled withever is important. 

More "Let's Not and Sleigh We Did," nothing.