Christmas Reading List (Day 350)

This time of year I like to switch my reading from my regular mix of non-fiction serious books about organ donation, fictional Rom Com set in the south or on the seaside, high brow hard to digest literature and psychological thrillers with characters who are really messed up to Christmas-themed Rom Coms. These books are like Hallmark and Netflix Christmas movies in novel form. 

The plots are simple, yet nuanced, there is a bit of a formula to them and well, they make me feel so Christmas-y that I could bust out singing "Deck the Halls" at any moment! 

And when I say the plots are simple, I mean it. The book I finished today aburptly ended with everyone engaged to be married to the men they agonized over the entire book. However, it is apparently Book 1 in a series, so I guess we will learn more about the fate of the characters in the town of "Wishing Tree."

I keep a little stockpile of these books every year. The new ones are usually released around Halloween and the older ones I keep tucked away in my Kindle library or on my bedside table, just waiting for Thanksgiving to begin reading. These books are just lovely escapes from the stress of the holiday, the stress of the real world and you can literally drink 3 bottles of wine and still understand the plot.

I mean, it doesn't get better than that right?

I am not throwing any shade on these writers--their ability to write an engaging, charming story that can be savored with red wine is really a gift!

Here are the books on my list this Christmas season:

1. The Santa Suit by Mary Kay Andrews (read!)

I adore Mary Kay Andrews. I read her book "Hissy Fit" and I was immediately hooked. She has this way of sharing the complexities of people in a way that does not make them dysfunctional and beyond repair, but instead makes them human and funny and lovable. The Santa Suit was so sweet and it left me wanting more stories in the North Carolina mountains. Andrews is usually sets her stories in Georgia.

2. Christmas in Peachtree Bluff by Kristy Woodson (read!)

I discovered the Peachtree Bluff series a year ago and read through the first 3 books during Christmas week. I was so glad Woodson wrote a Christmas themed version of the series. It provides a lovely endcap on a series of familiar, charming characters. 

3. The Christmas Wedding Guest by Susan Mallery (read!)

This is the book set in Wishing Tree. The book was charming; predictable but with so many sweet Christmas touches and characters you were rooting for. It is reportedly Book 1 in a series, so I have a note to myself to look for more stories next year!

4. The Secret of Snow by Viola Shipman (reading!) 

I just started this today and it is set in Palm Springs! I am excited to be somewhere I've never really been in a book. . .except maybe for one of the Taylor Reid Jennings novels. The main character is a meteorologist and of course lives in a charming bungalow and has a very nice wardrobe but no steady boyfriend. 

5. And all the rest on my list:

In a Holidaze by Chrstina Lauren

Dear Santa by Debbie Macomber

Sleigh Bells Ring by RaeAnne Thayne

Once Upon a Wardrobe by Patti Callahan

Santa Cruise by Fern Michaels

A Cross-Country Christmas by Courteny Walsh

All I Want From Santa by Lisa Jackson

What's on your list?