Sunday Complaints (Day 333)

I had a wonderful weekend, but there have been some trying times today. Plus, the tomorrow we return to work and school for the final sprint to the end of 2021 is making me feel agitated. I am a little cranky. And well, the best way to get rid of the cranks is to COMPLAIN ABOUT IT ALL!

Here's my very random list of Sunday complaints:

(PS If you think any of these are about you, then you should dig deep, change yourself and do better next time! 

PPS I am totally joking about the above. Maybe. )

1. I think everyone shouting "Be Kind" or "Kindness Counts" needs to be quiet. 

I know this is extremely unkind. But, I am sick of the kindness bullies who are constantly shouting about being kind and nice and all those superlatives about kindness. It is so oppressive and literally produces the most unkind feelings of shame and inferiority. 

Take for example my oldest daughter: when someone (usually an adult) oversteps and tries to do things for her, Lily will ask them to stop. They will respond by saying: 'I am just trying to be kind."

And that is such a lie! They are not trying to kind, they are either uncomfortable watching her struggle OR they don't believe she can be successful. 

Freaking kindness! ENOUGH! 

2. What's with homework over a holiday weekend?

Do you know I work for several different clients and not one of them gave me work over the long holiday weekend? And these are organizations that have retail sales and charity fundraisers happening right now. They'd never make me work on the holiday weekend. And if they did, our relationships would not last for long!

But two of my three children have homework over the holiday weekend. And for what purpose? 


3. Hiccups

What in the freaking world are the purpose of hiccups? I am very annoyed. 

4. Sibling Fighting

Why must they fight? Why must they touch each other? Why must they constantly tattle? Why don't they care that they are in public and kicking, screaming and shouting is disruptive (and probably the cause of my hiccups!). 

I have to tell you I am certain they will be 50, 47 and 43 and BEHAVE POORLY IN RESTAURANTS like they are 7, 4 and 1. 

5. Socks. 

Where are all my socks? I wear them once and then they are gone! Gone!

6. I have nothing funny to write about. 

I am so annoyed by everything that now I have nothing to be funny about. This might be the most annoying thing on the planet!