No Schedule Days(Day 331)

Well, I did not get a Thanksgiving nap yesterday, but I did go to bed at 7:30pm. I woke up at 11pm, briefly, to complain (as per tradition). Then I went back to bed, read a bit of the Santa Suit by Mary Kay Andrews and woke up today at 8:30 am feeling, for the first time in few weeks, like a clear headed person. 

It was better than my lunar reset from a week ago! 

We had a lovely day of no schedule but lots of things. 

The crew cleaned out the garden (my husband, kids and father-in-law outside; my mother-in-law inside with me processing all the last of the garden goodness). Then we spent the rest of day online shopping, Collingswood shopping, lunching in town, primary Christmas tree decorating, laundry folding and eggplant frying (and eating). It was a full, busy, but relaxing day. I even scored some time to finish by the Santa Suit (it's an adorable, quick, lovely Christmas read--perfect to get you in the spirit! Reminds me of a book that needs to be made into a Hallmark movie!). 

I love days when I feel rooted to my home and not distracted by deadlines and appointments and oven timers and meeting alerts. It is so nice to live in the moment--still accomplishing things but doing it without the clock. Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, the long marathon of the Christmas season begins. It is a marathon I love, as I mentioned, but it is always daunting. 

This year, I'd like to find more large pockets of time without commitment so that I can accomplish things with a clear head. I need to plan more no schedule days; because after today, I feel I can conquer the world! It is like I got a really good workout in versus a hard, sweaty frustrating one. 

Tomorrow is a schedule day--Nicholas has a soccer tournament. The next day is a very scheduled day with  the soccer tournament and confirmation class and mission trip meetings and Advent festival fun and getting ready for Monday, which will no doubt hit me right in the face in a very unpleasant way. BUT, I am trying not to dread the end of the long weekend and be present in what is left. 

I hope you all are finding some no schedule time in this time of so much to do!