Mediocre Day of Writing. (Day 309)

Happy Day 309! 

309 is a highway near where I grew up. Technically, it is sort of faraway from my actual neighborhood and it is definitely not in my school district. But, 309 ran right through Montgomeryville, where the mall was--and the Mall, friends, is where I spent most of my free time when I was 14-18 years old. 

I don't actually know where I am going with this. I just don't have anything thematic to write about today. There is a lot going on, as there always is. Yesterday, I had some sort of epiphany and wrote a piece I am quite proud of in 20 minutes--the words just flowing from my fingerprints to the screen. 

Today, I accidentally deleted some of it and then tried to recreate it. The result is just okay. I never want to read the piece again because of my irritation.  

I mean, really, WHAT THE HECK!

After this happened, I had several false starts on writing pieces. I wrote 1,000 words of a ghost-written piece for someone and DELETED EVERY LAST WORD. I wrote several social media posts (that I also deleted). And then I tried to pull together some creative briefs for emails and posters and gift guides and other projects. And I do have a Giving Tuesday Call to Action document to pull together for tomorrow morning. 

I then attempted to write another 1,000 of my book and then in a ridiculous turn of events, decided I hated my book and then remembered that I don't hate my book, I simply hate writing my book when I am having a mediocre day of writing. 

And when there are actual people who pay you money to write and to write in a timely fashion, you have to try to write anyway, because well, they have expectations and you need to work. 

However, nothing is happening. The words are not flowing. I've been sitting at my desk for 40 minutes trying to write this Yoke and the best I came up with some a brief mention of a highway near a mall I frequented as a child. 

It is mediocre at best--total "F" work is more like it. Something is blocking my creative process and I am not sure what it is. I have suspicions, but even my suspicions are mediocre. 

So that's it tonight-a mediocre blog. 

Tomorrow, will be better or worse, but probably not the same.