Headlines of the Week (Day 317)

Well, friends, we've made it to Friday! As I sit here writing this, 2/5 of my family is cleaning up dinner and intermittently shouting and the other 2/5 of my family is searching for black dance tights. In the end, we will all be screaming.

Which is apropos, given this week included several moments of screaming. 

Oh, what's that I hear, SCREAMING! (it's already happening!). 

Anyway, I am tired. You are tired. Everyone except for our cat Rosie is tired, because she is just about to finally start her day. I don't feel like writing a full, complete piece, so instead, I offer you some of the headlines and buzzwords from my week:

  • Well, that was awful! 
  • Do you want to schedule a call?
  • That's where my pumpkin candle went!
  • I cannot do it. 
  • I'd like to scream. 
  • Why are children getting detentions over masks?
  • Who's going to pay for my COVID test?
  • Dismantling. 
  • That is not funny. That is rude. 
  • Supply chain issues. 
  • Who bought all the deli meat?
  • Inflation. 
  • What in actual!
  • Where is the tuna? There is no tuna!
  • Night Sweats: COVID, autoimmune disorder, hormonal imbalance, house on fire OR DID SOMEONE TURN THE HEAT UP TO 85. 
  • Mom, can I? Can I?
  • Are you sitting down?
  • Remember when we got really big heads of cauliflower?
  • What's your source?
  • What's for dinner (700 times)
  • Where'a my good rain coat?
  • Where's Chloe's phone?
  • Why did Paris Hilton wear so many dresses? And, of course:

  • I cannot write another word. 
Happy Friday!