Hard to finish sentences(315)

Sometimes, it is very hard to finish a sentence in this house. 

There is always someone interrupting with a "very important thing to say," (usually about school lunch or wanting new shoes). Often, there is someone suddenly offended by your request that they not interrupt or that you wish they did not say things like "no one cares," or "just be quiet." And on occasion, a surprise fight will pop up and someone will be screaming. 

And, I'd be remiss if I did not mention the frequent injury that occurs while I am trying to speak. I begin saying, "hey guys, I wanted to tell you that. . " and suddenly someone is sobbing and screaming and writhing in pain.

It is as if my voice conjures up the devil who then brings impulse control issues, disagreement, wounded egos, violence and freak accidents. 

As a result of all this interruption, everything in this house takes approximately 7 times longer than it should. I was in the midst of saying "I love you, good night" to my girls and suddenly, as I began to utter the very first syllables of "good," my son spontaneously injured his foot and was screaming. 

Twenty minutes, I was able to try to say "Good night, " but as soon as I made the "N" sound, the dog was begging for something. 

So, here I am at 9:45pm on a Wednesday, just wrapping up the basic tasks I began 3 hours ago. . . .

All this interruption is dependent upon whether or not I can locate my family. Our home is a regular size--however, sometimes I find myself wondering the halls, first saying their names, then shouting their names and finally screaming their names with such ferocious intensity, that I lose all sense of reality and suddenly, feel like there is something really important and urgent like a house fire; when really I just wanted to ask them how their day was.

Of course, then when I finally calm down and recall why I needed them in the first place, then they interrupt me mid-sentence and then someone spontaneously begins bleeding and another one is deeply offended and we back where we started: not finishing sentences.