Aspiring Author (Day 306)


I wrote 1,183 words tonight for my book! 

That's right, I am still writing the book, despite the people who found this enterprise to be "funny" or "cute" or "not ever going to happen."

I wrote tonight motivated by things that unfolded last week in the educational lives of my children and also motivated because today is National Author Day (It is also National Fried Clams Day, National Vinegar Day, National Calzone Day and Color the World Orange Day!).  I wanted to be able to come brag on Yoke about my word count, so I could be festive and celebrate! 

(I did not consume any vinegar, except maybe in salad dressing, eat a calzone or a fried clam and I did not color anything orange or any other color.) 

I just wrote because my name is Trish and I am an aspiring author!  I originally planned on writing just 1,000 words; but instead wrote 18% more. 

I can also do math, while bragging! 

I have to say that I am the person who finds this author enterprise to be "funny" and "cute" and "not ever going to happen." I am mostly fighting myself in this battle to write. 

I spent the past week a bit psyched out by my memoir idea and writing about my own personal experience as a student of a child with an IEP. I mean, who really cares about IEPs? Okay, lots of people do-there are 7.3 million children with IEPS; 14-percent of all public school students. And those of you who don't care, well, you should care about it like you care about stray animals and saving the planet and that "Let's Go Brandon," thing.

So, there, take that haters (that only live inside my head)! 

I also have so many imposter syndrome issues. I am not the sort of educational expert any reporter should quote. I am just a mom with no discernible expertise. But, that's silly. Because I am an expert at being a mom to my kids and therefore, I am the best expert to write my memoir. 

I can also be logical, once in a while.

Anyway, I am an aspiring author and I am going to write this book. And I am going to hold myself accountable. And I really hope it all turns out and at least 5 people read it and like it. And I hope I have a small cult following as a result. 

I know I am not supposed to say the last part out loud. But, oh well, if you don't say what you want, you won't get it!

Alright, I am going to change my social media profiles to "ASPIRING AUTHOR" to make it Facebook official!