40 Days and 40 Blogs. (Day 325)

Guys, there are just 40 days left in the year!!! This means I only have 40 more Yokes in 2021!

I made a decision tonight that I would still write everyday. I thought about not writing everyday. Then I thought about writing most days. Then I thought about writing 5 out of 7 days. And then I realized that I am an all or nothing kind of girl. I have to write here everyday or I won't write at all. 

I am pretty proud of myself for keeping this going. I am one who is very susceptible to whims (remember how this was going to be the year of "no???" ha ha ha ha ha) (also you might not know I was a very dedicated yoga instructor, until I became distracted by something distracting and unmemorable.). 

Keeping up with this for every single day this year has been a huge accomplishment! Now, I have no idea what this accomplishment means exactly. I am tempted to put it on my resume. Since I am writer, it seems logical to tell prospective editors, clients and people with fat wallets looking to hire a writer, that the writer they are considering actually writes: EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Of course, there have been several days where my writing has been "questionable," or "abridged," or mostly "read by no one, except my husband." But, I've tried. I wrote my first blogs in the basement of my in-laws home in Painesville, OH. I've written in operating room waiting rooms in the middle of the night while scared out of my mind. I've written in a WaWa at midnight waiting for my Gobbler after a Pearl Jam show. I've written in the airport in Vegas. I've written on my couch, while recovering from my COVID vaccine and feverishly ordering washable rugs for no reason. I've written at my dining room table, while my kids study. But my fingers have mostly flown across my keyboard, here at my bizarre, non-instagrammable (one m or two?), sort of shameful desk:

And yes, that is a large canvas image of me with my family in bathing suits. I gaze upon it daily and think: why don't live at the beach? To the left of my laptop is my beloved duck lamp (just the body in bronze, no head. very midcentury), my coffee from days ago (also midcentury) and a random cord that connects to nothing but seems important, so I keep it. To the right is my wine (it is the weekend. STOP JUDGING ME), some holistic supplements I give my children to keep them calm (YOU'VE READ ABOUT MY CHILDREN, so NO JUDGEMENT), an empty water glass (which was once full and has evaporated), a very important note written in eyeliner (for emphasis!), my life notebook (which I'd be lost without) and my bag from my Shake Shack lunch earlier this week (note to self: get a trash can and perhaps take time for housekeeping duties).

I can write anywhere. And I am determined to write everywhere and about everything. 

I've got 40 days and 40 blogs; and then, well, I've got as long as my fingers allow me to keep putting words on the page. 

Thanks for reading along! I am truly grateful!