Returning the phone call (Day 296)

Today, I had a missed call from a number that looked like it belonged to one of the three schools my children attend. 

It has been a record 2 days without a call or an email. I had started to feel like a normal parent--the ones who drop their children at school, go to work and then see their children at the end of the day and only know what goes on at school based on their child's account. 

And then I had the missed call, but no voicemail and a friend told me my voicemail was full, so I was filled with even more paranoia and was ready to begin calling each of the schools to see what terrible, weird, confusing thing happened today. 

But, then I decided I'd just call the number back on the off-chance it was like the direct line to the Superintendent (because at some point these constant school situations will run their way up to the top of the heap. My children are not poorly behaved or hoodlums or bad kids; they are just half Carrington and half Adkins and this combination makes for unique, authority challenging, out of the ordinary situations.). 

I had to take 17 deep breaths, pinch my eyes closed and stifle the nervous vomit bubbling up in my stomach and just hit the "call" button.

It rang once and I hung up. And then, I closed my eyes again, let out a huge breath and hit the call button, yet again. And it rang three times. 

And, a nice lady at Walgreens answered--a real person. Apparently, my mother's "IBS with constipation" medicine prescription was ready and she had been asking about it and left my phone number because as she told the nice lady at Walgreens, "my daughter has a way of getting things done."

Which, bizarrely, is literally the exact thing I needed to hear after a week of several defeats and false starts and forgetting who I was; and when I actually had several things to get done. 

So the lesson: always return the mystery phone call. Maybe it will be exactly what you want to hear (or maybe you'll finally extend your car warranty before it is too late!).