Long Weeks (Day 289)

It's been a long week in this pandemic world and I think next week will be a long one, too. But then because of how time works, it will feel like time is flying and we will be left wondering why it is already Christmas and we cannot get any of the items on our children's Santa list because all those items are trapped on a giant ship just out of reach of the longshoremen at the Port of Los Angeles. As a result our children will stop believing in magic and probably end up joining gangs or becoming groupies for a country music act. 

All of this will because of long weeks during a pandemic. 

This week included the following highlights:

1. Our strange neighbor just showing up in our kitchen in the middle of Monday afternoon. (Apparently my mother let him into our home and then went back into hers, without a care.). 

2. The 85 degree October we are having, which is creating several wardrobe difficulties. 

3. Several Command strips decided to give up their will to live this week, sending calendars and photos and art crashing down. (And look, I get it! I want to give up, too!). 

4. A strange interlude with the school bus which seemed to actively avoid our bus stop by making a sharp right and turning on two wheels; which led to 7 very friendly calls to the transportation office. (and I am friendly! It is the only way to get your way in this town! BUT call number 7 was not decidedly not friendly and had me saying "JUST TELL ME THE TRUTH.")

5. Several annoying work situations with time tracking and budgets and technology and work. (Work by definition is annoying.)

6. At least 17 sibling fights over things like bagels and popsicles and pennies. 

7. OH my book writing announcement, which is a positive, but very draining sort of thing. 

I am tired. But, alas, the weekend is here and the weekend is just more exhaustion, but with less zoom calls.