Just One Song. (Day 280)

 I think we are all connected to each by just one song. 

And in rare, magical cases, by at least a thousand songs. In fact, there is not a single song I hear that does not have me thinking of my husband. Maybe this is the definition of a soul mate--the one you think of in every song you hear. 

Anyway, music is magical. It is the connective tissue of humanity--the melodies and the beat that take you from isolation to connection in a measure. While I am not one with much rhythm, I do have so much music and so many songs. 

Tonight, as the Counting Crows were just about to take the stage, my best friend Rachel texted me that she was listening to Anna Begins. Every, single time I hear Anna Begins, Rachel is the person who pops into my head. And then tonight, my friend Dina comments that Anna Begins is her favorite and then here we are, three people connected by one song. 

And then I think of my old playgroup friend Jill, who is absolutely the number one Counting Crows fan in the world and I think of how she found us at CHOP in the surgical waiting room in June and gave me the hug to end all hugs, which gave me the strength to make it through the night. 

It is magical. 

My Dad and I danced to "The Way You Looked Tonight" at my wedding. Every time I am at a wedding and a bride dances with her dad to this song, we are all connected across the here and now and the after life. We don't even need to know each other's favorite colors or middle names to share this song with our Dads and in turn with each other and our fathers with one another. 

Pure magic, friends. Whenever I hear "Rock Lobster," I think of my son--dancing and laughing with me in our kitchen--which is absolutely made for dancing and choreography. And then, I remember days in my church youth group, when our leader first introduced us to the B52s and I was forever changed (and pleasantly surprised that even the super Jesusy could listen to good music). 

And Pearl Jam, well the connections made through every single Pearl Jam are impossible to count; but I do always think of my friend Lisa; who I think became my friend because of our shared love of Pearl Jam. And, of course, my best friend Karen's brother Bob, who first introduced me to Ten. And when I think of Karen, I always, without fail, think about Snoop Dog--and Gin and Juice, even though I don't think we have ever sipped Gin and Juice together, but we'd absolutely sing about it. 

Eternal Flame by The Bangles, brings me to Lily, every single time. She knows every last word and passionately sings along. Lily also brings me to  Story of My Life, by One Direction; which then brings me to Campbell and her mother Robin and makes me weak in the knees but filled with such love for a girl who did not get a long enough story; but has a forever beautiful story. 

And, of course, my beautiful Chloe was named for a song--Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns by Mother Love Bone. And then, I am back in Seattle, and thinking of "Smells Like Teen Spirit," which brings me to my husband and his best friend Brian, who were so deliciously rebellious starting the mosh pit at the homecoming dance in 1994. Which brings me to Pennyroyal Tea, which is the Nirvana song which brings my husband to mind and there I am, again, in a song, with Mike, as I always am, forever. 

Just one song, friends, connects us all.