How many times can I reference bat feces? (Day 295)

The other night, Mike, Nick and I were at King's Road in Haddonfield having beers (soda for Nick!) and pizza. At an adjacent table, I kept hearing a man declare, "IT WAS BAT SHIT" or "SHE IS BAT SHIT CRAZY" and then "I JUST WENT BAT SHIT CRAZY." and finally, "I TOLD YOU GUYS THREE TIMES THE WORLD IS BAT SHIT CRAZY."

I mean, he isn't wrong, right? He might be the wisest man in the Haddon.

In these pandemic times, we are all mostly pretending life is normal. Our children head off to school (and I don't even think it is strange when I shout 'Did you remember your mask?" as my children run from me to the bus stop.). I work, albeit, at home, alone on video calls. But by now, I am totally used to it and take pride in knowing the names of colleagues' cats and dogs. I recognize their roommate's and partner's background voices. 

My kids play sports and dance. I can fill out a COVID screener in 3 seconds without accidentally saying "yes" when I should say "no." This afternoon I was in a meeting and I received a call and assumed there was a COVID outbreak and even though the message did not mention COVID, I still assumed it was COVID because why else does anyone call me?  

I have a new friend at the Department of Health who I email with daily and sometimes chat to. Lily's second dose vaccine records aren't showing up in the system. It seems completely normal to discuss this and have a DOH pal. 

Things are constantly cancelled or changed last minute; I don't really have any expectations anymore. We've just pivoted and become experts at making our own fun--camping trip cancelled? No worries, we will just do it at our house. 

Lily and I are going to Paris in April; and I bought the insurance to cover our extended stay in the event we have to quarantine because we are COVID positive. The travel company walked us through the possible scenarios tonight and it was a bizarre conversation filled with plans of leaving behind the positives and worst case situations. I kept thinking about the island off the coast of Spain where they dumped all the people with tuberculous and I wondered, is there a 2021 French equivalent? Will this be my fate?

And really, it might be and that seems perfectly possible and normal. Because everything and everyone is, well, bat shit crazy.