Wildly Tossing My Business on the Roadside (Day 257)

Today, I saw this man on Black Horse Pike will all his belongings just strewn all around him. There were snacks and hand sanitizer and boxer shorts and head phones and a flip phone and maybe some illegal drug paraphernalia.

I felt compelled to connect with him--after all--I had just dumped out the contents of my purse to find my new erasable pen. So, I yelled out the window in a gentle, non-scary voice “solidarity,” and he threw an empty raisin box at me. It landed at least 50 feet from my car. 

Which seemed very sad, after the energy he took to throw it. 

This friends is my life--I often become overwhelmed and then I untidily and wildly toss my life's business along the roadside to just have a look. So here, have a look into my start of the school year:

I know that no one fits in a "box" and that all children are unique, but somehow, it seems my children more unique than average. It's EXHAUSTING PEOPLE.

And I only suspect they are more unique than average. I really have no idea because I also suspect that so many of you don't publicly discuss your children's uniqueness. I am not suggesting that anyone airs their dirty laundry or shames their children or embarrasses them. However, I am suggesting that it would be super duper helpful if some of you just maybe whispered in my ear about your issues so I would not feel like such a freak of parenting nature. 

Go ahead, my text line is OPEN! 

Anyway, the weeks when school begin are basically a nightmare of phone calls and emails about problems and adjustments and arguments and mass advocating. Every year it is the same! 

There is is always some sort of extraneous problem involving one, two or all of my children.   The latest problem involves a logical request about communicating with the bus driver, which seems to have set off a series of meetings and workshops. I spent 2 hours on this today and now I am no where near resolution, but I am at the "bless and release" point. Godspeed bus problem! 

And of course, there is the IEP.  The IEP is a very formal and long, wordy, unnecessarily complicated legal document that dictates the accommodations my child is allowed by the law. IT IS LEGALLY BINDING. 

No one ever reads it. 

And look, I've read it so many times I don't even process it anymore and really someone should toss in a "Baba Booey" just to make sure I am paying attention. BUT, I am not in the classroom! 

I am not blaming the teachers; because it seems they are not given the IEP in a timely fashion. I am not sure who I am blaming and actually, I don't care who's fault it is, because again THIS IS A LEGALLY BINDING document and those administrative concerns are things that can be handled internally. Except, they never are, and only are after I send out my "YOUR GUIDE TO MY KIDS IEP" email flow. It is a 3-part email flow, no one is allowed to opt-out and I absolutely will sell your information if it means you will ensure my kid is allowed to record her advanced history lecture. 

Anyway, the thing is, my kid always has amazing, dedicated teachers and it all works out. But, I'll never understand why I must perform this dance year after year. 

My friend told me she wept when her son graduated and this was all over. 

I think I will dump out my IEP folder, burn the contents and then cover myself in the ash and run screaming through Saddler's Woods.

If you see, don't say anything.