Things I learned about my children this weekend. (Day 270)

This weekend has been a roller coaster. As my middle daughter told her principal on Friday (during some quarantine-style confusion): "I have a lot planned and there are a lot of places we are going."

She did not mention the (unplanned) emotional trauma of the weekend. 

In 72 hours, a lot happened--a football game, 4 performances of "Big Fish" (bravo Lily!), soccer, field hockey, church, confirmation class, sad news, joyous news and several sub-standard meals eaten in odd places in a hurry. 

We are all very tired. But somehow, my husband managed to do laundry and it appears everyone has clean underwear!

(My previous texts to several friends about not having clean underwear turned out to be #fakenews.)

And now, now, I have to write a blog! In these busy, crazy times, I often forget all the things I learned about my children in the moment. I don't want to forget! So I am just going to list them here:

1. Lily started Confirmation Class today and was NOT filled with the Holy Spirit afterwards. This is not the church's fault; this is called being a 15-year-old girl who has been watching church in her living room (or not at all) for 18 months. As Pastor Nikki said, "Jesus, loves a reluctant Disciple!" Well, JESUS: ENJOY! 

2. Lily also finished four performances of "Big Fish." She was amazing. Her singing and presence and confidence bloomed. She's already got her eye on the Fall musical with this theater group: "All Together Now." She's also still on the crew team. She's apparently not a fan of sleeping and is not concerned about gas prices. 

3. Chloe is fierce. Siblings are often overlooked in all the chaos of childhood cancer. Chloe's been through so much along side her sister. She hasn't come out of it unscathed. BUT, as she grows up, I am seeing before my eyes the good and refinement that God has worked in her life despite all the horrors. She is always the first to ask questions, demand answers and try to make sense of things. 

4. And Chloe has more compassion than anyone I know. Her classmate died this week. Chloe did not know her well--but she asked me tonight if we could drop off flowers or card once a week to her family. She told me that it is always the hardest when people stop after a death. And she wants to do this anonymously (which means I should not be bragging here.)  I hate that Chloe has had this experience. But, I love that she has this compassionate wisdom. People sometimes don't see it in her--because she is tough and honest; but my Chloe Isabel is the real deal. 

5. Nicholas is such a talker! This is not news to me, but this weekend we had some great chats! We talked about everything from COVID booster shots to immunotherapy to organ donation to Pokemon cards to masking protocol. He needs to know everything and often makes me retell stories so he can memorize them to tell other people; plagiarizing his own mother. 

6. Nicholas is also a good sport. He has yet to get a goal in Travel Soccer (he is almost always on defense this year). His teammate got his first goal ever and instead of being intensely jealous, he could not wait to congratulate him. That heart of his is beautiful. 

And that's all folks. I also learned my husband is a professional laundry launderer (like a money launderer but not a criminal!). He would rather not be a professional laundry launderer. But, alas, wives also love reluctant husbands!