Self-fulfilling Prophecies (Day 272)

My children have an uncanny ability to predict horrible, terrible things that come true. 

Earlier this evening, my middle child predicted (without a crystal ball!!) that her homework would take all night. 

Since that vision, she has not finished any of her homework; but has worked hard to SCREAM and RANT about things like "Map-Scales" and "flippin' vocabulary" and "64 chapters to read by dawn."

She'll be here all night folks! Come, join us in the fun!

Her siblings share the same sort of future vision. Just this morning, Nicholas predicted that he "would not be on that stinkin' bus at 8:05 am." And sure enough, I had to drive him!

He spent 47 minutes complaining of a "stingy elbow," and a boy, whose name I am not using to protect his privacy, who "just has to have the aisle and then gets to talk to ALL" my "FRIENDS!"

And he missed the bus. 

Seriously, I need to take these kids on the road!

The oldest one predicted that she'd be "tired from running at crew practice and other things."

And then came home and made 780 Tik Tok videos and complained when she did not have time for a nap and OTHER THINGS!

I have the chills! 

Anyway, here are some other uncanny prophecies of my children:

1. I am gonna LOSE MY VOICE BECAUSE I AM SCREAMING (for 47 minutes without taking more than one breath). 

2. I will be forced to answer questions because the teacher is going to ask me! 

3. I refuse to read my book each night, so on Tuesday at 9pm, I'll start and then be up all night!

4.  There is never anything for breakfast (said while eating all the cereal, donuts, bagels and yogurt as if in a breakfast themed eating competition.)

5. In the morning, I won't have my cleats or shin guards or anything I need. (said while lying on dining room floor and rolling around throwing the cleats and shin guards and other objects). 

6. If I shower and use soap, I will just get in trouble because you don't like it when I splash and have fun (said while dumping soap out on floor of bathroom). 

7. Tomorrow, my teacher will probably not even give me my homework assignment until the end of class and then I'll have to do it at home. 

8. My belly is going to hurt at bedtime, so I am not going to eat and just be hungry later and ask you to make me a snack. 

9. I won't have anything to wear in the morning I like (said while throwing laundry around). 

10. I told my siblings they were babies and now they have the AUDACITY to cry, like babies! (followed by a HUMPF sound). 

My all-time favorite is:

"I could tell you how bad your outfit looks, but then you'd just call me rude."