My (Imaginary) Podcast (Day 263)

Wouldn’t starting a podcast be fun? My family would love the hours of silence that would be demanded and the screaming that would follow in order to obtain that silence, so that I could banter with myself (or maybe a D Lister) about very important topics! 

What important topics? Well, it would definitely be things that I am uniquely qualified to discuss! I have some working titles and topics and thought starters:

1. What’s that smell? 

2. Who left the gate open?

3. Why is everyone screaming?

4. Seashell Collections

5. My hair! 

6. Is Trish depressed or funny today?

7. Are you laughing or crying?

8. The maids will be here in 15 minutes, hide the debris!

9. The status of the dishwasher, as reported to us by my husband.

10. Do I need to wear a mask? 

11. Ways to shame people

12. Intrigues in Haddon Township!

13. Killing Lantern Flies 

14. Who hid my comfortable underwear?

15. Are those my shorts you’re wearing?

16. How tired am I?

17. How NOT to write a book

18. OMG! I can’t. . .

19. Seriously, I what’s that smell?

20. Doom and gloom and prayer request hour 

I am sure I can come up with more ideas. BUT, I’d love to hear what you all think? What could I podcast on?

Also, how does one start a podcast?