Four Things You Don't Need But MUST PURCHASE for Back-to-EVERYTHING (Day 256)

Guys, this time of year is all sorts of things. It is exciting--BACK TO SCHOOL! SPORTS! DANCE! AVOIDING PEOPLE!. It is hot! It is stressful! It is hard! It is challenging! It is a joy (sometimes!)! 

I've mentioned several times that I struggle with this month--all the anniversaries and heartache seem to land in September. But, I am also dedicated to leading my best life, finding balance and finding joy in it all. 

By dedicated, I mean that I internally guilt myself into pretending to be happy and content. I figure eventually I can fake my way to the dedication required to actually find balance and joy. Until that time, my guilt over being in a perpetual state of discontent has driven to me to make some AMAZING purchases. (Because buying joy ALWAYS works!)

Here are the 4 things you DON'T NEED but should have to be (fake) content in September:

1. A Dry Erase Wall Calendar

Last week, I purchased a very large, multi-panel dry erase wall calendar in an effort to organize my family all their various endeavors. Mike tried this once before, but I thought the chalkboard sticker thing he got was ugly. Also, it was not my idea, so therefore I had little interest. 

Anyway, EVERYTHING is on the calendar (which was my idea and therefore very interesting!)

I've already had to erase Chloe's entire Travel Field Hockey schedule and replace it with the new one. I totally expect Lily's musical practice times to change 17 times and of course, there will be some pandemic-induced melodrama that will cancel or change everything. And no one seems to look at the calendar, they just yell at me for not having it memorized. 

But, it's okay! We can handle change, right? 

2. A Skinny Hydro-flask 

It's water bottle season! Each of my children have two new water bottles (one for school; one for sports/dance). They've each already lost one of the two; one the water bottle is already leaking and there is a graveyard of 67 water bottles and 89 lids from previous years. There are also 4 water bottles in the beverage cooler with suspicious beverages in them (one might be bloody mary's from July 4th; another appears to be soap and I am scared about the rest). 

I get just as thirsty as my children, so I decided to get myself a Back-to-Fun water bottle! I opted for the skinny Hydro-flask with the sports lid. It actually fits in my car cup holder and when I drink out of it, I don't spill down the front of my shirt like a baby. 

It's amazing. I'll have use of it for exactly 72 hours; after that point one of my children will need it because of an "emergency," which involves their water bottle left in a locker, in the bottom of the Cooper River or simply "missing forever and ever."

3. Erasable Pens

When I was a kid, erasable pens were the novelty school supply that was basically worthless. They neither wrote nor did they erase. BUT today's erasable pens are made from something amazing. 

You can write and erase--which is helpful when you are filling out 17 forms and forget which child it is for (Chloe, Lily and Nicholas are all named on one health form as if they are one creature) or if you accidentally switch out brith dates or if you doodle angry faces in the margins at Back to School night and then the teacher asks you to turn in your paper! Never fear, you can ERASE IT ALL! 

4. Carrots in all Formats

I don't know about you, but I am already over packing school lunches. None of my children will eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or even basic sandwiches with like a piece of cheese or lunchmeat tossed on it. Today, Lily informed me that she would not mind having "cold filet mignon or steak" on her "micro greens salad." Chloe, meanwhile, constructs complicated pepperoni sandwiches which require pepperoni of a specific thickness and diameter. Nicholas has suggested he will eat "Captain crunch, Doritos and a Capri Sun." 

I really don't know WHY THEY ARE LIKE THIS! We have restaurant quality meals every night! We eat ORGANIC everything! And ancient grains! And chia is in everything! 

Anyway, they all like carrots. So they all get carrots. To make them feel special, I have the fridge stocked with carrots in every format, including:

  • baby carrots
  • rainbow carrots with the tops attached (nicholas like to gnaw on one like a horse.)
  • crinkle cut carrots
  • shredded carrots
  • matchstick carrots
  • carrot juice

So, when they are packing lunches and we are out of oysters and important smoked meats and Lucky charms, they get a carrot format of their choice!

Happy September! (And don't forget your wine, in all formats!)