Breaking Rules (Day 247)

Friends, today I broke the number one rule of the pandemic:

I did not feel well, but I did not race out for a COVID test and nor am I quarantining. 

(Cue, the SHAME!!)

I almost wrote about something else entirely tonight to throw you all off the scent of my rule breaking! 

Here's what happened: I've had acid reflux all week. And today I woke up and my entire stomach hurt. I tried to go hang out on the beloved beach with my family and I just could not do it. Instead, I came up to the house and moaned in my bed for 7 hours, followed by 6 hours more of gas pain hysteria (a reminder to everyone: babies need to be burped! Gas pain is akin to gunshot wound pain) and now, finally, I feel like I'll be okay tomorrow.

For 2 hours of my stomach ordeal, I thought for sure I had a appendicitis. (I don't.)

Right now, I am so thankful to have burped (17 times) and that my sour stomach has unsoured and my reflux has de-fuxed and that tomorrow I should feel fine. I am super mad that our last full day here was marred by me not feeling well. 

I've been on the verge of some sort of GI collapse for a couple weeks this summer and today's episode is a reminder that I do have a funny stomach and I do need to be more aware of what and when I consume things and that I am getting older. 
Bodies are imperfect and even in pandemic we can feel ill and not have COVID nor require a COVID test. One of my first thoughts this morning was literally, "YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FEEL SICK."

Which is such a load of crap. 

I am thankful that I can go to bed now (not eating and being hysterical all day is exhausting) and wake up tomorrow, hopefully ready to have a beautiful day with my crew, see the beach one last time and eat bland food.