It's a "I don't want to write" evening. (Day 246)

Tonight, I have no idea what I want to write. In fact, I actually don't want to write. I think I go through this sensation at least once every other month. I'd rather do anything but write here. 

Usually when this happens it is because there are big things percolating in my head--some big ideas ready to be birthed on paper--and I am not really ready to birth those words yet, so instead, I don't want to use any words. 

But, I made a commitment, write every single day here in Yoke. 

I've been thinking about that commitment as we begin to approach the last 100 days of the year. Will I just stop on 12/31/2021? Then what? I am not a person who can do things in moderation--it is all or nothing. So if I stop, am I in danger of stopping daily writing always?

Tonight, it feels both dangerous and enticing to decide to quit daily writing on 12/31/2021. You know, because I don't feel like writing. But, instead, I'll save that decision for a calmer, more rational time (after all I am on vacation and drinking coffee at 11pm. Clearly, I am not in my right mind.). Instead, I'll make a list of everything I'd rather do than write here:

1. Read my book! 

I finished two books this week: "Not a Happy Family" by Shari Lapena and "Local Woman Missing" by Mary Kubica. I just started "The Therapist" by B.A. Paris. Plus, I have two more books I want to finish by the time September ends--"The Newcomer" by Mary Kay Andrews (she's my favorite, so I hoard her book until the very end of summer to cheer me up when the pool closes!) and "Yoga Pant Nation" by Laurie Gelman (this #3 in the Class Mom Series and Gelman is so funny, genuine and a delight!). 

2. Watch Big Brother

We "taped" (haha. such an elderly phrase!) Big Brother and I cannot wait to watch! Mike and I have made Big Brother our summer tradition for almost 20 years (totally outed myself as an elder). It never gets old; I love all the drama and competition and game play. 

3. Logging My Miles for The Million Mile for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

We hiked almost 5 miles through Corson's Inlet State Park on Wednesday to kick off Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Then today, we rode a surrey 4 miles back and forth along the boardwalk in Ocean City. I cannot wait to add our family miles to our total for the month. If you haven't signed up yet, PLEASE, PLEASE join our team! You can log all the miles you go all month long. You can donate and fundraise too! But mostly, we like going the distance with friends and even after these 14 years as a childhood cancer family, we still need your love and support. You can join here: