Summer Winds (Day 227)

Even though it is still approximately 200 degrees here, I can feel and hear summer transitioning out. The insect noises are much more baritone than they were in July. The days are shorter. Some of the summer favorites in my garden are drying out a bit, making room for my Fall planting of kale and broccoli and onion--the rhythm of my plants nudging me ahead. 

I love change-- mostly.  But the change from Summer to Fall is not my favorite. I love the hot days and the pool days and the day trip days and time in-between school years when my children seem frozen in time--neither a 2nd grader nor a 3rd grader, not still a 6th grader and not yet a 7th grader, a freshman year complete; but not a sophomore year begun. 

It is a magical time. 

And every year, thinking about it ending makes me weep a little. It's silly, I know, to be a grown woman who year after year mourns the end of summer.  In my defense, September is a really hard month of anniversaries around here. I lost my Dad and then years later, my brother in September. And how poetic is this: my brother took his last breath with "Summer Wind" by Sinatra playing in the background. 

Summer late 1980-something 

Summer, I think, mourns with me a bit. Those hot days don't leave easily--sometimes September feels hotter than August, which feels unnatural when faced with pumpkin spice and football and a closed town pool. 

But, of course, all good things and all, right? 

At least there will be new Fall delights in the garden. And I will have my days back and quiet without my three at home. 

We have 3 1/2 weeks left--and so much to look forward: a baby shower to celebrate, a trip to Wild West City (the greatest place on earth!) to fit in, some pool days and nights, a Carrington wedding in the mountains and, of course, one long, delicious week down the shore. I still have to take my kayak (I named her "Birthday Girl.") out for her first paddle; Chloe has a huge list of things to squeeze in and I know there will be more adventure that pops up on a quiet afternoon in the next few weeks. 

And then, it's Labor Day and a day or so later, the first day of school. I'll have a sophomore, a 7th grader and a 3rd grader in September--gone will be the freshman, 6th grader and 2nd grader. But, the summer weather will hang on until October--because like me--summer takes a while to give up to Fall. 

And then, once it is truly, Fall, I can begin my countdown to the next summer and that next long, hot pause when things are neither this nor that, when things are only what they in that moment.