Prolific (Day 242)

My family just left to go walk and get some ice cream. 

The invited me and I said no. 

I don't feel like going. The beach house is so cozy. I am in sweats and have my feet up. And I have an awesome book I'd like to power through on my Kindle. Oh and I have to write here!

Mike suggested I take one day this week and write two blogs, skipping the next day and therefore taking a break from being on my laptop. I get the sentiment. It is so glorious to completely cut off from everything for a while. But, I said no to that, too. 

This experiment was not about 365 blog posts; but instead about writing every single day. It is not work; it is a dedication to my craft and my profession. I am a writer only if I write. 

In these 242 days, there have been some notable shifts in my writing abilities. For one, I am prolifica at work (although I feel like a jerk saying that). Not only have I written 242 blog posts in Yoke; I've written copy and content all over the place. I've written 46 blogs for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation--and some of things are not simple; a good chunk are translations of complicated research studies. I've written 15 emails for Happy Family Organics and 50 more for Philly Homebrew Outlet. There is all the writing in between--the social posts, the metrics reports, the marketing briefs, the web copy and things I know I am forgetting. 

None of this would have been possible a year ago. It is all possible because I've made writing--the paring of words and punctuation and ideas and facts--a priority. I had this idea if I wrote every day, that I could improve my own professional writing--like I could train for writing the way I once trained for a half-marathon. 

And my idea worked. 

But still I don't always feel prolific--even though the sheer about of works I produce on any given week sounds unreal even to me as I do. There are other writing goals I have and some writing cross-training I need to focus on. I have so much to say and I just have to stop having an idea about it and instead, just do it. 

I am not entirely sure what that looks like--do I have to give up something? I don't want to give up a thing--I don't want to lose one word.