Over-served (Day 234)

Y'all I went to a family wedding in the mountains of Virginia.

As a result I have experienced the following things: 

1. The air is thinner here than New Jersey!

2. No one crosses themselves like me (and I am not even Catholic).

3. I lost my train of thought.

4. OH!! And I've been over-served (wine)!!

But here, I am, writing! Because I promised. 

Do you know how hard this is? To have had wine and a wedding and low oxygen and to have the pressure of writing for Day 234? It is actually really hard. 

Like, the hardest. I do not want to write something INSANE. Nor do I ever want to sound like a ridiculous sad drunk, and my husband is currently listening to 80s music and I don't know why. 

I am tempted with every word to write, "Good night, friends!" but that feels like a total cop out. This daily experiment is actually really hard and I don't know what the point is every day;  but for whatever reason it seems really important. The follow through is like, the most important thing, so here I am:

Writing about absolutely nothing.   

I read everything I wrote to my son and he thought it was sort of silly I did not think I had anything to write about. In fact, the truth is, we were over-served fun today. 

So with that, I am signing off. This might be the worst thing I ever wrote, but whatever. tomorrow is another day.