Beach Week Babbling (Day 241)


It is our annual beach week down the shore! 

Last year, we did a week in Brigantine, which was beautiful and quiet, but it is not our town nor is it our place and the place we rented just really wasn't very nice in the end. (and I think the land lady, who was dressed as Mrs. Roper, was spying on us.) 

This year, we are back to our beloved Ocean City, NJ! In January, while we were drinking in ball gowns (and suits!) in our living room, we bid on this rental at the Lemon Ball! And we won. The property is beautiful and I keep thinking just how amazing the owners are to donate a week during the summer to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. 

It is so generous and to our family, it is something more. Making donations to ALSF honors our daughter's battle; it is an acknowledgement that there is so much work to do to find cures and it is confirmation that there is hope for those cures. 

We believe in science that powers cures for childhood cancer and that belief is powered by hope and community! 

I know I am babbling. I am just so grateful for this beautiful house and this wonderful week; even as my children fight over a remote which has fallen between the bed and the wall and caused them to descend into complete and utter panics.

I am sure the people in Unit A, below us, have enjoyed hearing me say in my BIG voice, "LOOK ME IN THE EYE YOU WILL NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO," 700 times. 

And honestly, their ridiculous bickering makes me even more grateful. It is so normal and our lives have been marked with the abnormal. So bring on the fights (just stop telling me what to do!) and then bring on all the laughs and bring on the misery and then bring on the marvelous, gloriousness of having a family who simultaneously irritates you and fills you with joy. 

I know they will make so many memories this week! 

Right now, the Adkins siblings have stopped their insane arguing (earlier they fought over the game PayDay and we had to put it away because it was much too controversial) and are laughing in their bunk bed/trundle bed set up at Good Luck Charlie, together.