A Goose Pooped in the Pool and it was all unfair. (Day 218)

Today, we were at the pool for approximately 35 minutes when a flock of geese flew over the pool complex and reportedly released a storm of excrement over "the big pool."

The big pool was evacuated and then closed for the rest of the day. 

Of course, I thought this was a very dramatic response to goose poop. On any given day, I have no doubt there are many bits of fecal matter drifting around that pool from a variety of mammals and birds and spotted lantern flies. But, alas, I am not the person in charge of pool fecal recovery! So by all means:

Close the pool! Dump in the shock! Blame the geese!

My kids immediately thought it was all very unfair--they had big swimming and jumping plans and it was hot today and now they'd be stuck with the Olympic-sized water park-like "splash pool."


They must have used the word "unfair" at least 7 times. And it was really annoying to listen to them call this very privileged problem "unfair,"

I hate the word "unfair."

And while you might think I am having a bit of an overreaction to my children using this word during a bummerland goose poop situation, I don't think I reacted enough actually. We live in a world where "unfair" is battle cry and a whine we all default to in times of uncontrollable, unplanned circumstances. Earlier today an adult told me something was "unfair to her." It made me really angry to hear a grown-up speaking this way. But, of course, I am not much better. I find my own mind wandering to "unfair," more often than I wish.

I get a flat tire: I start thinking about how unfair it is that I have a flat tire. 

I take my blood pressure medicine: I start thinking about how unfair it was that I had preeclampsia in my 20s and now in my 40s I have chronic high blood pressure. 

My mother has a bizarre request involving "burgers on the grill" on a Tuesday at 1pm: I start thinking how unfair it is that I am now an only child. 

My daughter celebrates 14 years cancer-free; and I begin to remember how unfair it was for her ever get a tumor.

But this is all nonsense. I got a flat a tire. I have high blood pressure. My mother sometimes annoys me. My daughter had cancer. These are not things that are fair or unfair, these are simply things that happened. 

I am both privileged and blessed and cursed and unlucky. But the victim of unfair? No, I am not. Neither are you. Nothing is unfair. Nothing is fair. Everything just is whatever it is.