Unpopular Opinions (Day 210)

I have several unpopular opinions on things. Like, I don't like the movie Good Will Hunting (snooze fest!) and I am the Giving Tree is bizarre and I truly, hate, despise, feel rage when I think of the Velveteen Rabbit. 

I know I am not unique in this--we all have unpopular opinions at times. I think in this world that is changing and unsteady and unprecedented, unpopular opinions are risky. 

I think a large portion of my friends and family will not be happy that I am not impressed by Simone Biles. I honestly don't get it. All I keep thinking is how hard my daughter worked just to walk and how mentally tough she's had to be. I'd be horrified if she abandoned her team, anywhere. It seems like a luxury to be able to walk away from the Olympics. 

And look,  I don't know the whole story.  I am not a gymnast or an Olympian. And even as I say I am not impressed, I don't think Simone deserves any negative attention. I sort of think she should just be left alone and not made into some sort of folk hero. Maybe I'll change my mind. Maybe I won't. Either way, it does not matter much what I think about her. 

However, even as I write this, I keep thinking I should press delete and not say these things because there are several people I adore who might think bad things about me. But, of course,  if someone I adore thinks badly of me for my opinion on a person neither one of us knows personally, they are not someone I need to adore. 

Opinions are always tricky.  

I keep thinking I should not share mine. But, then what the heck would I write about?

My other unpopular opinion is that people should discuss their unpopular opinions with people they respect and disagree with. We should discuss politics and religion and vaccination and abortion and racism with each other. We should discuss and share our feelings and ideas with people who have, what we assume, are unpopular opinions. 

One of my very best friends is my favorite person to discuss everything political and uncomfortable with. (She is also a regular Yoke reader!)  We often disagree--and neither one of us is movable from some our opinions. Even when I disagree with her, I still respect her and I still like to consider her opposing opinion. She's smart and educated and above all, funny, even in disagreement. 

As often as we disagree, we also agree. And you know what, I never would have known how much we agree unless I was okay discussing our unpopular opinions with each other. 

So, as you read this and make assumptions or judgements about me (there are several people aghast that I hate the Velveteen Rabbit), remember that you probably have unpopular opinions too. And that's okay. None of us are perfect and really, none of us are right, all the time. The truth of it all probably lies in those spots where are opinions overlap--the popular and unpopular ones.