This is a list of complaints. (Day 202)


I mean, I've had much worse days. But today there were several low level, irritating moments. I think I am coming down from the adrenaline high of extreme river tubing with 5 children and one other mom. 

It is really hard to return back to society after you've seen some things! And the struggle, friends, is real. 

I often tell my children that venting and complaining just poisons the well and leads to more complaining and negativity. This is absolutely true, but let's be real, complaining can be so epically wonderful! I mean THERE ARE SO MANY ANNOYING STUPID THINGS TO POINT OUT! 

In that spirit and in the spirit of the nightmares I faced today, this is just a list of complaints from a Tuesday in July (the best month of the year!):

1. July is my birthday month and no days should be nightmarish. Today was! UGH! 

2. The freaking Canadian wild fire haze hanging over South Jersey like a poisonous veil of misery is really bumming me out. 

3. When I looked at the weather yesterday, the whole week was storm-free. NOW, Wednesday is storm-full! And this is my traditional poolside work/lounge afternoon! It should just be October!

4. I worked really hard on one project, only to have technology crash and burn when it was showtime--I mean it was a complete disaster. 

5. I spotted an adult SPOTTED LANTERN FLY on my grapes vines and the little f$cker got away. I imagine he is eating all the baby grapes and laughing. I hate him!!

6. I have not been able to string words together in a meaningful way all day. I've tried! I have writing deadlines! But I cannot write the things that need to be written!

7. And now, I've realized I forgot to do 7 things! I have to set my alarm for 6am to accommodate. 

8. I already know I won't actually get up at 6 am. This is preemptively irritating. 

9. I forgot to get dill at Wegmans and now I cannot pickle without another trip to the grocery store. 

10. Lastly, I hate this blog of complaining because nothing really bad happened, but I am so annoyed.