Shared Prayers on the Living Room Floor (Day 207)

Mike and I have this shared memory of laying on the floor, in my parents living room with our feet facing each other,  legs lifted and the soles of our Vans touching. I was a Senior in high school, Mike a junior. It was a Sunday and we had just spent the afternoon at the Montgomery mall.

We simultaneously said aloud: “I don’t want a boring life.”

It was almost like we put that out to the world as Prayer—a prayer which was answered in the most non-boring of ways. 

I cannot think of a time when my life with Mike has ever been boring. From all the things we endured—to all the things we’ve enjoyed, everything has been quite un-boring.  Sometimes  I wish this shared prayer of ours translated  to only the really good things. But so many of those good things came on the heels and because of the bad things.

So, we are stuck and happily so. 

It is all so blissfully exhausting—living and filling in all the moments, escaping and returning, laughing and crying and finding all the time we can to be together as the Adkins Five. I am so wiped tonight-sore and sweaty and full of smiles when I think of all the things we did in just 48 hours and all the things to come! 

After this busy weekend, we will have another busy week and then more on the weekend and so on and so worth. There probably won’t be much time to smell the roses; but that’s just fine because we will only get each of these once and I don’t think I want to stop.

This beautiful, full, exhausting chaotic life is one we created and prayed for. I cannot think of anything better than this.