Rut (Day 187)

I am finding myself in a bit of a writing rut these past few days. Yesterday, I wrote approximately 25 words and called it a blog. It felt a little like cheating; but it was a holiday, we hosted a party and I had a lot of sangria. 

And since this is my writing space, I am declaring that any number of words count as a blog. 

But I am still in this rut and really stretching to find stories to tell and things to write. 

As what happens with me and writing ruts, I’ve begun to question why exactly I am doing this and what the point of this is and if it really matters if I miss a day.  I am not really a naturally “see through to the end,” kind of person. I am a project starter, a whim chaser, a distraction lover and once in a while a finisher. 

While others love a finished product; I love unfinished things. I am more settled when there is lots to do around me. I am completely unsettled when there is nothing to do.

So, yes, I think writing here everyday does matter. It is a challenge to stay with this project and at the same time it feeds my desire to have lots to do. If nothing else, I always have this blog to write every single day and I do know; when January 1, 2022 hits, I’ll feel like I am at both a finish line and a starting line.