It’s my birthday! (Day 206)

Guess what!?!?

Today, is my birthday! I’ve turned another year older and it’s been marvelous, outside of the very annoying “happy birthday” songs my husband played for last 30 minutes.

I had to take his phone away and I am still slowly recovering.

The day has demanded my full focus and look my horoscope even predicted most of it:

Leo (July 24)

Today, dear Leo as you celebrate your 40-something birthday, you will be energized by the sun and awake at dawn for a several hour long sojourn along the water. You may find yourself experiencing not only the roller coaster of life; but an actual rollercoaster in the American homeland of chocolate. 

Dear Leo, do not feel guilty when you run from your children to take your place on the water slide. Go fiercely! It is your day! 

Isn’t that uncanny? We began the day at dawn-ish, watched our kids race in the pool. I am just so proud of them—not because of their times—but because they show up and try and are confident in their ability to thrive even if they have no idea what they are doing. Their trying is my favorite thing. 

And then we went home for presents (I got a kayak!) and cake. My new kayak is really just so amazing and I am so excited to paddle it around the lake at the edge of our neighborhood and where ever else I can go! I have to name it something wonderful! 

Then we left and came to Hershey! Three water slides and two roller coaster rides later, I am exhausted and ready to collapse. I love a roller coaster. It is the most glorious feeling to fly up and around and through (hands up, of course! Life’s too short to hold on!). Tomorrow, we will wake up and do it all again in Hershey-rides and water and adventure! 

What I really love, though, is my family. They make everyday special and they always remind me of how important everyday is. There are hard days and amazing days and everything in between. And all those days are important and beautiful, especially when you’ve got a Mike, a Lily, a Chloe and a Nicholas in your life.

So here’s to another a year!