Home Early/Time to Write (Day 213)

 This is a picture of me, trying to figure out what to write about:

Some days, I just have nothing; or more accurately, there is always something to write about; but there is nothing I want to write about. But, I made this commitment. And I left a party at a reasonable time, instead of staying all night, because of this commitment. And I talked about this commitment before I even left the party at a reasonable honor. So I have to try to write something. 


I have nothing! Okay, I do have something. 

Before leaving for the party tonight, we asked our kids (15, 12, and 8) to do two things: put all their trash in the trash can and wipe off the table and counter if they made any messes. 

We came home and there was, as always, trash everywhere. 

I could not believe it. I was not even able to sit in any chairs because of the chips and candy wrappers and nonsense. 

So I woke them all up. 

And it was probably the worst decision of my life. The middle one lost her mind for an hour. The big one had an attitude and the little one just pretended to pick things up. They turned on each other and us. None of it was fair and I suspect two of the three were more responsible than one of the three. But life isn't fair and sometimes you are part of a team and that's it, you have to wake up and pick up your tortilla chips out of the recliner. 

I am sure it was unpleasant to be woken up in the middle of the night. But, I did it anyway! 

And I have no idea why I decided today to be a tough mom. I really ruined things for myself. I could cry myself to sleep over the stress of asking my children to not leave trash on the floor as if this is the town dump. 

They are really scary and loud. 

Motherhood is exhausting. But, at least I have a chair that isn't covered in chips to sit in, thinking about that a terrible, mean mom I am.