What is Your Favorite Thing to Write (Day 160)

 Tonight, a new acquaintance asked me: "What is your favorite thing to write about?"

I had absolutely no answer. I mean I wanted to say that I love to write about the dark recesses of my soul and all the horrible shit that has happened with the hopes of inspiring myself to not become a miserable recluse. 

But, that is not an entirely honest answer. That answer is based on the past week of madness; not the past 40-something-years of living. 

I provided a rambling answer which was a non-answer and was not impressive and most likely led the new acquaintance to believe I was another fake writer and as I've mentioned before, I often feel like a fake writer for a myriad of reasons that I believe to be very valid (but which I know my most loyal will tell me are absolutely invalid and I won't believe you when you tell me, but tell me anyway because it makes me feel fantastic). 

Anyway, my point is, I did not exactly have an answer. 

Mike and I strategized potential standard answers and he landed on that I like to write "romances" and I said that I like to write "about weddings."

And both of those are funny because I've never written about either and now I wonder why the resolution to the problem of answering this question is a lie. 

But, the truth is, I have no idea what I like to write. I like to write my thoughts. I like to write about childhood cancer research. I like to write persuasive copy for email marketing and conversational posts for Facebook. I like to write about homebrewing and mommy tribes and my children and myself.

It's a hard question for a writer who will always struggle with imposter syndrome. But, I think the only truthful answer is I like to write whatever it is I am writing. 

I just like to write. I like to write if it is a challenging subject like cancer or organ donation. I like to write when it is SEO copy about a power plant in the middle of America. I like to write if it is about nothing at all. 

I think my favorite thing to write is words--words about anything and everything! I have to save this answer for the next time someone asks me!