My Favorite Places (Day 176)

Today was just a lovely vacation day of bagels, mini golf, rum runners and lunch on the beach, card games poolside, capped off with a “fancy” Italian dinner, souvenir shopping, ice cream and stalking the Kennedy compound, like lunatics. 

I love traveling with my kids. With the exception of 2020, my trio has traipsed all around. Often, we’ve gotten to tag along on Mike’s work travel. We’ve been some off the beaten path places—like Hazelton, which is not a traditional tourist destination. However, we’ve found fun in nearby-ish Jim Thorpe and discovered mushroom farms and butterfly sanctuaries and used bookstores in rural Pennsylvania. There are things everywhere to uncover and discover! 

Two years ago, we kicked off summer at Pompano Beach in Florida and I took the kids snorkeling on the reef off the Florida coast. It was absolutely an ill-advised excursion—Nicholas was just 6. But somehow everyone hung on to the rope our captain tossed out into the Atlantic. I think we all talk about that trip and that beach at least once a week. 

Further back, we took all three to San Francisco, then Yosemite, Monmouth Lakes, Death Valley, Vegas, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Zion (for a blip!) and stopped in Salt Lake City. It was incredible and I doubt Nicholas remembers; but the girls seem to and we do. And someday soon, I’d like to do it all over again!

Later this summer, we will head to the mountains of Virginia for a mini break and my cousins wedding. Then, we have our annual Jersey Shore week in Ocean City to look forward to as well. 

Next year, is Europe—three times for Paris and Pearl Jam and England and maybe Amsterdam (the tour has been rescheduled so many times I’ve stopped keeping track). 

Anyway the point of all this is, my favorite places to travel are the places I take my kids. Whether a small town in Pennsylvania or the gorgeous, wild Cape, wherever the Adkins Three are at my side, is the most magical, wonderful place on earth!