Kayaking to the Ocean (Day 174)

Today, I kayaked down a river to the ocean. And then I finished my first official book of summer! 

Needless to say, I am very tired. In fact, I’ve taken at least 4 evening “naps,” simply passing out where ever I am lying. This friends, is what vacation is all about: extreme sports, beach reads and unplanned naps! 

Our intense sojourn down the Swan River to Nantucket Sound was complete with family drama (in kayak arguing about how to kayak), loons and herons, a gorgeous sand bar at the edge of the earth, a child who lost us (thanks to the mystery stranger who kept her company!) and ended with a strange leg tan lines.

And I’d totally do it all again! 

My first summer read: “Golden Girl,” by Elin Hilderbrand, was equally as exciting. I picked this book from my vacation stack because of its setting (Nantucket, just 23 miles off the coast of Cape Cod.) Hilderbrand is one of my summer go-to authors; however her past couple books have been a little disappointing and left me feeling “meh.” But, “Golden Girl,” was just so great, particular in a way you want life to be and twisty enough to make you turn the page!

I’d totally read it all over again; however, I never read a book more than once (except for Jane Austen, who is my favorite humorist). So I won’t read it again; but I will read Hilderbrand again next summer! 

As for my evening naps, I might now, actually switch to bedtime mode; because tomorrow will bring more extreme sports (whale wrestling?) and more chances to laugh with my family. I need to keep my wits about me with this crew!