It Is What You Say It Is (Day 175)

Today, after quite the bike ride on the Cape Cod Rail Trail, we went exploring in Chatham. The waters off shore are frequented by seals; which also attracts sharks. 

You never see a sign like this in Jersey.

Anyway, this beach is gorgeous. The water is frigid (even compared to the beach we are staying on in Yarmouth) and also, apparently, potentially teeming with sharks.

We did not see any. But we kept finding these bits of shell that looked like shark teeth. I have no idea what they are or aren’t; and cell reception is spotty on the Cape (which I secretly love!!); so I did not bother to do an intense Google search. 

We decided to call them “shark tooth shells,” and then after further deliberation; I decided that these were indeed actual shark teeth.

This decision was not based on facts or reality. But it was based on the simple truth that it is what you say it is. 

And after everything our kids have endured, I decided in this moment there was no need to take away the joy and the magic of discovering something that feels so elusive to Jersey shore kids. Those shells or whatever they may be are shark teeth. 

I cannot wait to fill a jar with them and let my kids live in the wonder of today and that beach and that ocean with Great Whites lurking in its depths. 

Because, in the end, the truth is whatever you say it is, so say it is something magical.