Cup of Chowder A Day (Day 173)

Do you know what’s delicious? 


New England Clam Chowder in Cape Cod, to be specific. I’ve decided to have at least one cup a day. 

Our first day of vacation has included the eating of everything. I think I’ve consumed enough calories for a week in just this one day (and vowed to kayak or bike tomorrow to burn them off). From a western omelette for breakfast to chowder and a buttery lobster roll and a bite of something called fried clam chowder and a couple steamers and then a Pilgrim themed sub with Turkey and stuffing and an ice cream Sunday, it’s been a bit of buffet here.

So, I am tired and full and mostly, just so grateful to be sharing all these meals with my four favorite people near the ocean with sand in our toes and wind blown hair.  These are truly days that we will all hold close in our memories—days I had as a kid and days I hope my kids give to their own. 

And now, I’ve off to cuddle up with my book, resting up for tomorrow’s adventure!