You're the body lady (Day 144)

Well, my mushroom soil and mulch arrived today! The delivery driver was really excited to meet who he deemed "the body lady." This was not because of my body; but because of the body I joked I was burying in all that mushroom soil.

Then, I picked up some tarps from a friend this afternoon, which is probably equally incriminating. But I needed to cover my soil and mulch, lest the rain forecasted washes away my piles before I force my family to move it.

(By it, I mean the dirt, just to clarify.)

I've been called many things in my life, but the "body lady" is new one to add to my list. Of course, there are variations of my name (Patricia), which I discussed a hundred blogs ago (Pat, Patty, Trish, Tish, Tricia, blah, blah, blah). And then there is the inevitable "Lily's Mom," "Chloe's Mom," "Nick's Mom," There was a time when I was frequently called "Bill and Pat's daughter" and "David's Sister." 

And there are those names that are more relational--like "oh, you're the lemonade stand family," or my favorite in hospital settings, "Are you mom?," or "oh, the blog writer, I get your emails!" 

I remember when I was a kid, my dad always said you become who you hang out with. I used to argue with him, because I had no intention of ever being exactly like my friends--I always loved to be a little different than my crew (and if anything, my ego begged for them to become like me, not the other way around). But, I think he meant something else entirely: we become known for who we hang out with--"Karen's best friend," "Rachel's friend from color guard," "Jessica's friend from home," "Adele's DZ sister," and of course, "Mike's wife." I think my Dad was trying to remind me to hang out with people I'd be proud to be known by, and you know, I've always had great pals that I was proud to know and love. 

But, I want to make it clear that I am happy to be known as anyone's friend. Truly, I think every single person on this planet has such deep value. I don't feel like being known as "that woman's friend" is a bad thing.  I am honored when anyone counts me as theirs.  

This weekend I saw an old pal from my playgroup days---the last time we messaged was in 2012! But, what a joy to see her and be remembered and to remember our days with our little ones, who are now big ones. Several years ago, I ran into the mom of the other Lily Adkins (there is another one, no relation, but we shared pediatricians and a hair dresser) at Wegmans. We only knew each other from social media and the confusion at the pharmacy and the doctor's office.  

It is my greatest joy is when someone recognizes me from somewhere, "Oh, you're nick's mom from soccer!" or "Lily told me all about you, I'm one of her teachers," or "That Chloe man, she's a hoot."  

So, for now, I am happy to add "the body lady," to my alias list, I mean as long as everyone is aware I am really "the lady who made a bad joke about a body."