Things to do in May when the weather throws back to October (Day 149)

I woke up this morning and it was suddenly October, when it had been May. 

And it is quite literally raining on any parades, pool parties or other outdoor Memorial Day weekend endeavors here in NJ. 

I was very upset, at first, with the horrendous weather forecast. We had Hershey Park on the agenda, swimming at a friends, Crystal Lake Pool would open, I'd garden and I'd wear some of my cute new summer dresses. Little things--but fun things none the less.

It is about 50 degrees today and the only way to garden is in-between the drops and downpours. It is not even hot tub weather, really, let alone pool weather. 

BUT, I am sort of excited by this throwback to October weather! The 90 degrees days will be consistently here soon enough, as will the sunshine. And there is plenty of time for pool days and rollercoasters. This rainy weekend has some diamonds glimmering within it, especially this time of year when our schedules go from "go, go, go" to "go, go faster, go fastest, keep going." at the end of the school and sports and dance year. 

Here is my list of things to do in May when the weather throws back to October:

1. READ! Most of the new summer beach reads have been released, so there are so many shiny new books just waiting to be picked up! I read "The Last Thing He Told Me" by Laura Dave a couple weeks ago and since then, I've been binging on her complete works. "Eight Hundred Grapes," "The First Husband," "Hello Sunshine," and now, "The Divorce Party," have all been awesome. Once I finish the Divorce Party, I think I have one more Dave work to go! I love discovering an author with a library of books I haven't read--it is like a buried treasure! 

2.Enjoy Coffee and Tea and Wine. I think having a cozy, warm beverage and truly sipping it and just enjoying it is such a cozy, delicious pleasure. This is hot latte, hot earl gray tea and rich, red blend weather. 

3. Layer Up and Snuggle In. We've been in shorts and t-shirts for a few weeks. There was something novel about putting on a full legged pair of pants and a sweatshirt and cozy socks! Sure I might need a winter hat if things continue to drop. . .haha.

4. Domestic Things--cleaning, painting, crafting, organizing.  Okay, cleaning is not fun and I actually sort of hate it. But a weekend trapped inside, give way to time that I can spent cleaning and organizing and prepping the house for the busy days ahead. Full Disclosure: I have not cleaned anything. But my children and husband have been. I did make a kick ass lunch---roasted broccoli heroes. And tomorrow, I think I'll paint my old desk and make it my new desk! 

5. Movies, Games, Naps and Cuddly Things. There is nothing more delicious than a blanket and a movie or a board game and a blanket or a nap and a blanket. Cold, dark days are so cuddly and warm when you've got a blanket and whatever else you want to do! 

6. Soup Making. I ran to the farmer's market this morning and grabbed some fresh dill, carrots, peas and asparagus to make chicken soup. I am dreaming of chili for dinner one night. I love soup! And soon it won't be soup weather, so I am taking  it while I can!

What are you doing with your rainy Memorial Day weekend?