Tell Me How It Ends! (Day 122)

Happy Sunday! 

Yesterday, I started my blog with Happy Saturday. Maybe I'll do this going forward. That way we can all keep track of the days going forward! Although, depending on when I write and publish this blog, some subscribers (I have 50!) could receive this in their in-box on the wrong day and end up confused or thinking I am confused. And of course, both things are probably true, because I find most of us are pretty confused. 

Whew. Glad that explanation is out of the way and took 77 words, because I do not feel like writing tonight. I just feel like escaping into a book.

I am currently reading a light, but smart rom-com (romantic comedy; formerly known as "Chick-Lit" and also known as "Contemporary Woman's Fiction") book about a woman who is the manager at a retirement village that also happens to be the habitat for endangered turtles. Anyway, of course the retirement village is under threat of redevelopment by the owners, who happen to have a black sheep son who is forced to live there in order to learn a lesson. And the son and the manager fall in love, deny it, embrace it and then some horrific third party causes a misunderstanding and currently, I am desperate to know how it all resolves, because it will, just like a Hallmark movie.

I love books that I can predict the ending; but not the how. 

I wish life could be that way sometimes. I've had so many not-so-pleasant-absolutely traumatic surprises in my life and it would have been way easier to get through them, had I known how it would all end. I enjoy the in-between times. Despite the horrors, which I'd never want to be told about, there is so much interesting stuff that happens between the beginning and the end. Even if that interesting stuff is not all great, it is the stuff that I enjoy; except when I don't know how it will all work out.

More than ever, we are all in such uncertainty. I've started to notice in Year 2 of the pandemic, I don't hear people talking an awful lot about "life after COVID." Remember how this was a thing? All the places we'd go, all the things we would see and all the amazing large group gathering we would attend! Sure people are hugging more now because they are vaccinated, but really that is about it.  

I think we've lost our confidence about how this will end. I know I have. I don't even know how this blog will end or what I will do when it is December 31, 2021--will I suddenly stop writing each day here?

I just want someone to tell me how it ends! But, alas, nothing works that way. We can have all the confidence we want that we know how it will go; but really even when you know the girl gets the guy and saves the turtles, you still don't know what happens after that. . .I mean unless there is a sequel!