Leaving the Quad State (Day 140)

 Throwback to when it was eye masks not face masks on a plane. 



I just did the most amazing thing! I booked a vacation outside of NJ/NY/PA/CT! 

For those of you unaware of life in the Quarantine Quad State area, we've been in this travel ban/quarantine for one bazillion years 14 months in New Jersey. We did travel to Ohio twice; and while I love our Ohio family, Ohio is not exactly a vacation destination. AND both times we had to quarantine our children afterwards. And after our Christmas trip to Ohio, in which we literally drove to Ohio and basically locked down with my MIL, FIL, BIL, SIL, Nephew and Nieces in our own little pod for 7 days, my kids followed the quarantine rules, only to return to school for a day and be forced home again, because of other people who did not. 

I can hold a grunge for an eternity, so you will hear that story at least 4,000 times. 


I am beyond excited. In our life before COVID, I routinely left New Jersey, even venturing to such far flung places as Florida or Washington D.C. or Vegas. I did this without worrying about becoming or encountering super spreaders. In 2020, we had an amazing travel year planned: San Diego, Puerto Rico, Amsterdam, Paris, Vegas and things I am sure I am forgetting! 

For 14 months, I've wanted to do all the things: stay in my house forever, runaway immediately to Maryland, move to Hawaii and live in my bedroom indefinitely. It has been a roller coaster. And then, even when things began to "open up" (i.e. vaccination/everyone was sick of it all), our kids had all their sports. We could not go on a vacation which caused them to have to quarantine and miss out both on the sports and their responsibility to their teams. 

BUT now, I AM OUT OF HERE. I mean we only have a few weeks in between sports to make this happen and our kids will miss a week of swim team (sorry Coach Dave!), but I cannot take it anymore. I've become a shell of a person without my sojourns and adventures out of this region. I cannot wait to leave and not cook meals and use towels with reckless abandon and NOT BE HERE. 

As an aside, being in my beloved NJ has not been all that bad. We discovered Fortescue, frolicked in approved Pennsylvania, got a membership to Hershey Park, watched a variety of flyovers and rocket launches and really, truly became friends with our local crew. 


Oh I did not tell you where we are going!

Cape Cod! We are staying a salty, old time-y family resort with three pools on the beach and nightly bonfires and s'mores and kayaking and bike riding nearby. And we will end our trip on Martha's Vineyard to see my sister/friend/former roommate/bridesmaid Jessica and to fulfill my 8 year old son's life dream of visiting the original Vineyard Vines store. (He's ridiculous, but he loves his preppy, coastal attire.)   

I cannot wait to get back on the road, again! Cape Cod or Bust!