Highlights from the Week in the HT (Day 142)

Okay, I am absolutely running on empty with Yoke today. And since it is Saturday and 6:20pm and I've already done enough for four days today, I am really impatient with myself and writing.  I have some old blogs, from other days, that I thought about publishing; but that feels like cheating. 

So, instead of cheating or trying very hard, I am going to do what every good blog writer does when they feel like they cannot put together cohesive paragraphs, I am going to provide you with a highlights list from my week in the HT.*:

1. This week I was rejected as a member of the Haddonfield-Haddon Township Buy Nothing Group on Facebook. The reason: apparently, according to the organizer I live in either Audubon or Oaklyn. (News to me!). Anyway, I've complained extensively about the organizer to my tight group of friends and I am working on a letter about how she made me feel dehumanized. I'll never send it. BUT LADY IF YOU ARE READING YOKE, KNOW THAT MY TAX BILL, MY CHILDREN'S SCHOOL AND MY SOCIAL NETWORK BEGS TO DIFFER. 

Also, I was only joining to try to get in on a life size Barack Obama cutout. I actually like BUYING EVERYTHING and usually online, so I might start a Haddon Township BUY EVERYTHING GROUP. Only people who live in Audubon are allowed to join. 

And God Bless that Lady. I am sure my passive and non passive aggressive is really what she needs in her life. 

2. I finally ordered either way too much or way too little mushroom soil for my front garden and my new side garden, yet to be designed or created. Mike, if you are reading this, the soil arrives on Monday. Also, there was a tiny incident when I was ordering. I think everyone might be a little confused. The incident went like this:

Soil Lady: "Oh, what are you using your mushroom soil for?"

Me: "To bury a body."

Soil Lady: Nervous laughter. A short pause. A deep breath when they are debating whether or not I am serious, then, 'Okay. It isn't my business.."

Anyway, it might be police business now. I'll let you know on Monday. 

3. I  mistook a hot dog for a carrot in a Filipino dish and I am still very confused. I was at the reception following the christening of Baby Tessa.  Tessa is the third child of my sorority sister Christine (who is Filipino, so there is always Filipino food at all her events). Tessa is gorgeous and brilliant and will probably be famous. The girls and I got to inside a church. I did not wear a mask. And the priest was absolutely a delight and shared what seems to be his signature tagline (J.O.Y.= Jesus, Others, You). I also got to spend time with women who know every dark secret about me, but would never tell. They will, however, take photos of me writing a check and a card in a pew when I was supposed to be praying or something. These women adore my children, as I adore theirs. This almost makes up for the hot dog/carrot and pew photo situation. 

And that's it folks. It is super hot. I have to go do my German Abs and maybe a ride and then, my sweet husband is making me sea bass. He also bought me flowers today, which is another highlight!

*HT= Haddon Township