Hands Off My Denim Jacket (Day 132)

At 4:55 am this morning, I read an article about how everyone should press the pause button on wearing denim jackets this Spring in favor of something else. 

So, two things:

1. Yes I was reading about Spring fashion at 4:55am. I am now a seasoned crew mom! I rise with the moon for my leisure activities!
2. I don't remember the something else because, everyone can keep their hands off and their opinions away from my denim jacket.

My daily "sort of pulled together but not looking like a gym teacher or someone with a newborn at home" uniform is the following:

1. White t-shirt (when I inventoried, I have about 15)
2. Black leggings (or black camp leggings) 
3. A light weight scarf (flowered or camo!) 
4. Black sneakers. My not-for-running throw back Nikes or my Vans! 

So you see, no one can put a pause button on wearing denim jackets this Spring because then I WON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR ANYMORE.

First, it was crazy talk about no more skinny jeans; so I bought some wide and straight leg jeans and I am not totally in love, but I can embrace a little change. Then there was ludicrous talk of no more side parts, which seems to have faded (and if it hasn't; it has to me, so keep your insights to yourself, thank you very much.). And then I read that statement earrings are out and I should focus on my wrists. (Tell that to my statement earrings! They have a sharp, pointy post and should not be messed with!). 

I cannot take all the change! It's too much after 15 (16? 70? 617?) months of pandemic. I need my denim jacket, my skinny jeans, my dangle earrings and  my hair parted where it lands, which is on the side. 

And look, I know at 40-something I should not trouble myself with fashion trends. And I am often in my pajamas at school drop off (but I don't get out of the car! And I wear dark glasses!); however, it is hard not to suddenly feel old, when faced with "rule" changes around what you wear and how you look. It's enough that my hair is half white (and not in an attractive way that can be allowed to naturally grow in. It is in a scary, old-woman-who-lives-in-a-shoe and is off her meds-way.) 

This whole denim jacket news haunted me through out the day. In fact, I was so grumpy about it that I picked a fight with a man in overalls at Target, who was mansplaining parenting to me. My children were arguing over who could use the scanner gun at self-check out  and he began to say, "You need to be firm. You should also do your errands when they are in school and save this time for your chores."

I told him that his overalls were out of style, while I casually used my entire body to block the children's access to the scanning gun and distracted them by telling them to pick out some gum (they proceeded to fight over wintergreen versus spearmint). 

He seemed un-phased. 

Also, I think overalls are in style.