Getting Serious About Writing (Day 130)

I need to dig in and finally get serious about my writing. Now, I know it is day 130 of writing every single day here. And last week, I wrote so much for work that the letters on my keyboard are starting to fade (the letter "T" on all my laptops is the first to go. ). But, I still don't quite feel serious. 

It's like this: In the winter, Lily had Winter Crew. Because it was the winter they never went out on the water. They ran, they exercised and they got on the erg. And while that training was really demanding and rigorous, it was not the sort of training they do for race season--that training is serious and more about technique and speed and communicating on the water. 

I think for the past 130 days, I've maybe been in Winter Training. Now, the days are getting longer and hopefully, warmer. It's time for my Writing Season to begin. 

Of course, I am not going to race with words (although once I had a job interview for an environmental non-profit and one of the writing tests was to write a press release in 7 minutes. It was like so strange and I had to use paper and a pen. My hand cramped and I  decided in that moment I was not interested in speed writing as a profession).  I am feeling ready to get serious and take the next leap and bring my words to the next level. 

Over these past several 4+ months, I've started a few writing endeavors that I haven't quite finished, yet. This next third of the year, is a good time to be done and dusted, with the following:

1. Writing my Statement of Purpose for Graduate School. Note: I did not say apply to graduate school, because I am not 100 percent sure I want that. I mean, I do, in theory. What I want to do is write my statement of purpose; I feel like putting that together, will help me push away my fears and also give me a clear vision of where I'd like to go and maybe it is pursuing a degree in Science Writing; but who knows, right?

2. Finishing my piece on Respect versus Kindness. A month or so ago, I started a personal essay on being a parent on the sidelines--watching their child receive kindness, but desperately wanting them to receive respect. This is such a personal piece for me and I want to finish a nice draft and then pitch it around. 

3. Write about Faith and my Father and my Brother and vaccination. I don't know if this starts as an essay or starts as a memoir. But, this is something I need to explore in my writing and also my research. Everyone is writing about vaccination now; and frankly, 95% of what I see is not researched properly. Plus, all the voices seem to land in one of two camps: pro-vax or anti-vax; but what about the rest of us? Anyway, this is something that requires my attention. 

4. Find some regular freelance editorial gigs. I do a lot of writing for clients; but I'd like to expand my editorial or journalistic writing more. Plus, I get itchy every 4 months and need to find some new project to distract myself with. Back in the day, I was a regular stringer for the Burlington Free Press and then moving here, some local Jersey magazines and publications. I loved the act of reporting on local things--it opened my mind to so many great stories to write about. 

Of course, getting serious means overcoming my fear of being an imposter and of failing. So back to that crew analogy--Lily told me she is a little nervous every time she gets on the water, but if she wants to row, she has no choice. 

So, I am a little nervous every time I write, but if I want to do, I have no choice. 

Thanks for sticking by me and reading and encouraging and believing! ttt