5 Life Hacks for Your Children (Day 145)

Even though my children spent months in lockdown in the home (and have lived in a home their entire lives), they did not pick up the knowledge needed to survive or care for their own home. Sure, they learned how to make strawberry jam and Stromboli from scratch and they've all built amazing worlds in Roblox. but they have not quite mastered the subtle, mysterious art of homemaking.

I am not sure if my children are behind in this area (I have my suspicions), but at the same time I know several of your children are probably struggling too. I mean, guys, trash is hard to deal with. Like it seems like you should just rid yourself of rubbish immediately by dropping it where you are standing; but there is a better way! And when you see your dog panting or barking for food, it might seem natural to simply walk away and hide, but, again there is a better way!

So to help the children of this pandemic be ready to fly the nest someday in the near or far future, I've developed my list of indispensable life hacks for children! 

1. Easy Peasy Trash Disposal. 

This life hack might astound you! So buckle up! 

Sometimes, you eat snacks directly out of boxes in the pantry. And by in the pantry, I mean both you and the box are in the pantry; and the eating is happening in the pantry. Other times, you might migrate to the forbidden white chairs in the living room with your buttery popcorn straight out of the microwave still in its greasy chemical covered paper bag. And while it feels efficient to just leave your snack packaging wherever you are--in the pantry or in the white chair--there is an easier way! 

You can simply walk the 11 paces (I measured!) to the trashcan and place the empty cracker box or popcorn bag right in there. IT IS LIKE MAGIC. 

2. Turnkey Pet Feeding. 

Isn't it annoying when the cat is meowing around her food bowl? And while it is impressive when she runs from her food bowl to the powder room sink and points her paws at the faucet, all-in-all, it is feels like the right decision to leave the room and let your mother deal with whatever is happening. But did you know that meowing around the food bowl and desperately trying to turn on a water faucet with a paw, is a sign that your feline friend might be hungry!???

In the same amount of time it takes to roll your eyes, you can scoop a bowl of cat food and ALSO fill up their dish with water. 

I KNOW, RIGHT?! This life hack is like so smart!

3. Wilted Plant Rescue in a Flash

Wilted plants are sad and needy to look at, aren't they? Did you know that when a plant is wilted it is because it needs water not a juice box! And did you know that you can rescue a sad and needy wilted plant in SECONDS! 

Now, you may be tempted to grab the cat's bowl you just filled up, but it is just as simple as getting the watering can or a cup and filling that with water. Then you bring the water TO the plant and you pour it in. 

The results are not instant, but by dawn the next day, your plant will no longer look so dead. 

4. Finding the Lost: Handling Missing Shoes 

The biggest time suck in our house is missing shoes! Sometimes, the children have to search from the basement to the 3rd floor and outside and in the garage and in our vehicles and at the neighbor's house and at the park for their very special, expensive, shoes that have unique purposes. This can literally take hours and someone is always accused of taking one shoe, which in turn leads to lots of yelling, harsh words and the occasional sibling riot. 

But, friends, there is a simple life hack for this! When you take off your shoes, you can put them in the closet with the other shoes. And while, you might think forcibly throwing your shoes like you are trying to throw an asteroid out of earth's orbit to avoid a catastrophic collision is the best way, it is not. Instead, you can gently place the shoes down, keeping the pairs together, so they are exactly where you left them. 

Bonus Life Hack: While you are doing this, if you see any trash, pick it up and bring it to the trash can!

5. Ensuring your iPad charges

Technology can be such a drag, am I right? And there is nothing worse than an iPad that did not charge when you have to leave for school in 7 minutes and have a very busy day of iPad time at school ahead of you and you know you are not allowed to access the school's electrical supply in anyway! 

I am not an IT person and I am currently not an electrician or an astronaut, but the best way to ensure that your iPad charges is to PLUG IT IN. 

Like, so simple and who would have thought? Just plug that sucker in and look at your iPad to make sure that little lightning bolt is up and it is charging. Barring any unexpected  power outages, you should be sitting pretty with a fully charged electronic device! 

What Life Hacks do you have your children?